Jan 1, 2011
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right i got the game for xmas and i heard about the dynamic league reputation thingy so i deceided to try something different!

i took over as manager of bohemians in the irish premier division. they are the irish champions and they qualified for the second qual. round of the champions league.
i beat HJK of finland in the second round. then knocked out anderlect including a 4-1 away victory then beat FC RB salzburg in the playoff to reach the group stage of the champions league. my group was benfica fc bayern tottenham and me! obviously i didnt stand a chance but despite being in the champions league i struggled to even sign players from teams such as walsall or tranmere!!

anyway i have since won the irish premiership and the irish senior challenge cup and i still cant get any better players! the best player i have managed to capture is jake livermore from tottenham but he is hardly a champions league winning player!

what do i have to do to get better players?
er........................good luck :p
nah to be honest i aint done file there but all i could say is keep winning and slightly better players may come but to be honest its irish league and will all respect will never hold weight for good players to join
oh man but surely if this dynamic league thing worked then getting into champions league group stage your club reputation should atleast increase to attract the calibre of players needed to succeed or atleast put up a brave fight!!
Dynamic League Reputation is a long-term function, taking notably longer to change than individual club reputation. One year of moderate comparative success is nowhere near enough to alter DLR to the point where bigger names will want to join your league. Keep it up over years and you may see changes.

Check for yourself where the Irish Premier Division is ranked in Europe by visiting Europe > Competitions in the game. For example, I'm into my third season in a game without Irish leagues loaded, and the Irish Premier Division is ranked the 89th best competition in Europe. For comparison's sake, that's 3 positions behind French National, the third tier in French football. Granted, I'm sure no Irish team has done as well in my save as you've done with Bohemian, but you'll need continual success over years to bring prestige to your league.
Another thing, how did the other teams in your league go? If none of them had any real success, then your league status will do nothing but drop. I'm playing as Seoul from South Korea at the moment, and after one season of glory, taking them from 14th (when I joined) to 2nd, then winning the finals, and winning the League Cup, and signing some bigger names, our status actually dropped 3 places in the Asian Leagues. Why? Because like, two other teams had any real success in the AFC and signings. -_-