Clubs not accepting my transfer bids


Apr 30, 2013
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Now I have been having this problem in FM 13, I'm playing as Man Utd and doing reasonable well am half way through the 2 season. But I haven't been able to get bids accepted for certain players even when the player is transfer listed and the club has a asking fee that I offer.

One example is Bale he started to get sick of life with Tottenham and wanted to move to a bigger team, first they wanted 41 million that i offered them but then they come back and want 47 million. I declined that and decided to wait a little and then they lower their asking price down to 33,5 million that I again offered but again they came back with a higher number.

Has anyone else have this happen to them? One possible explanation that I have is they just don't like me over at Tottenham, I had been praising Bale in the media and declaring interest. Could that be it, or is it some kind of "glitch" error thingy?
This happened to me for a few players but I just assumed it was because I was not one of their favorites, there is another club fighting for him, or the fact I was a rival club.. I never looked into it as a glitch, I just let the player go and saw forth a new one.
It happens because Spurs do not really want to sell him to a rival club within the Prem, it will also **** spurs off the fact you keep declaring interest and praising Bale. Just put an offer of £35mill no negotiable I bet they accept.

I rarely pay the asking price for a payer on tranny list unless a rival is interested. I play hard ball and always offer slightly less and 9 times out of 10 they accept.