CM 03/04's World Cup


Jun 27, 2014
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The "CM 03/04's World Cup" is a project aiming to show which player is the best, worldwide. You'll face to players from all over the World, via network play. Your goal will be to represent your country till the final win.

As you know, the World Cup is still a project for now. But if we want to realize it, we have to set the rules.

Here are the first ones. Feel free to react and to propose things you think good to make this competition perfect.

•There will be 4 groups of 3 players (12 players)
•We play with Hamachi.
•We'll probably use 4.1.5 version (This rules is still to confirm)
•The firsts of each group are qualify for semifinals.
•Tactics like "Diablo", or "Scamjet" are forbidden.

We still have to think about teams you'll choose, to make it balanced.
Now, feel free to react, we can do something great !​

Visit CM-Forever, a french fan forum about CM 03-04
Hi all :D
I'm Legendrax, the administrator of CM-Forever.
We still need two players to start the competition.
That's the occasion to play that old good game again :D

All you have to do is to register on CM-Forever (type it on Google).
And to click on "Play the CM 03/04's World Cup".
If you don't understand French and can't register, just send me a private message, i'll help you.

Let's find out which country is the best ! :D
We have players from Belgium, Turkey, Serbia and France :)