CM3 on Win7 help !!


Oct 9, 2013
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Hi, folks,

First post here...

I know it sounds stupid....

how come CM01/02 with patch can run without problems on Win7 whereas CM3 with patch cannot ???? (nor even 99/00 nor 00/01 (message saying 'not enough memory' when there is plenty of GBs in pc))

Tried using Virtual Box and VMplayer.. ran into some bothers....

Must be a simple way of running on Win7 without going through too much hassle otherwise I have to find a second hand pc with xp on it but have no space to put it in....

Nice to think of a laptop but if I want to play all day then pc is better than laptop...

Any suggestions to get CM3 to run on Win7...

I take it you have tried running it compatibility mode??
Not sure what to suggest, I was having issues getting my old cm's to work on my new win8 laptop, eventually I got the patches for them and they worked, only tried cm2, cm01/02, cm4 and fm 2006 and maybe cm3 not too sure but I think I did as it was the man utd treble season I think?
if I can be bothered later I'll try and install cm3, 99/00 and 00/01.
Thanks, SMcManus84,

If you can try it... good but feel you might run into the same problem as mine.

I think it is high time that someone out there gotta make a patch for the CM3 to run on Win7 as Win7 has only been in existence for couple years or more...whereas CM3 has been around for years !!!

What with all those updated and still updating modern technology around.... it beats me... !!!
I've started a new thread on this...Play Championship Manager 3 with original database...hope this helps people out
I got windows 7 64 bit CM3 work with the latest patch CM99\00 works and CM4 works but CM97\98 did'nt work.
CM97/98 works with DOS emulators like ampshell or dosbox, ampshell is easier to use as you don't have to remember what to type so that the game can be mounted