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CM3 tech help


Jun 27, 2012

I got my old copy of CM3 out from it's dustly slumber over the weekend and installed from disc no problem (win8)
The icon appeared on the desktop and I thought all was good...
It wasn,t....."sorry not supported on windows nt".
Well I thought that's ok as I've seen this in the past and I've got a few old CMs/FMs on my laptop, I right clicked the icon and changed the compatibility to xp/me and tried again.
No error message, the cursor turned into the "spinning loading thingy" but nothing appeared.
Repeated but in Win95 mode same nothing appeared.

Uninstalled the game and reinstalled it.
I did notice it said after installing it said it must have service pack 3.
I tried to start the game and got the error.
Used the compatibilty trouble shooter and tried various different settings but could not get the game to start, it obviously recommends settings xp service pack 3 but that gives the error message.

After many hours I decided to start putting various things into google to try and find a way to get it working.

The only 3 things I found are

1 - something to do with deleting the environment variables relating to CM3 ( had a look at them and I couldn't see anything jump out and say I belong to CM so I was reluctant to delete anything)

Anyone heard of this?

2 - running it on a virtual version of xp

What is this? How do I get it?

3 - running it through dosbox

I don't see how this would work though as the game wasn't msdos.
I have dosbox and used to get my cm97/98 disc working but I can't remember how I done it with the commands and everything.

Please, please help if you can??? Really wanna play this version and I wanted to recreate the database for FM13.


Dec 30, 2008
Did manage to get it to work? if so how? I've wanted to play this version for ages. Thanks