Jan 1, 2013
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Hello Everyone !

I'm playing a Juventus Career now .... have a lot of money , so i wanna make some co-ownership deals to invest in youth and they get regular football :)

There are many good Players I'm targeting ... the most famous among them is Abel Hernandez from Palermo ... he is valued at 4.1 m and the scout report says he'll be available for 7.5 m ...

So I bid for his 50% share for 2 years Co-ownership deal a 3.6 m and he'll stay with Palermo .... and that offer was accepted !! :D

The question is : Should I add a Future Fee or not ? :S and how much should i add ? and will this fee be set for only my team to pay or for Palermo too ??? 8-| ( of course after 2 years )

Need anybody used to play a ( Serie A ) career and used the Co-ownership option !!! ;)
I play Juve a lot, and as far as I am concerned co-ownerships are a waste of time. Juve are not short of cash so if you want a player, just buy them. Why pay a club €xm for a player to remain at their existing club and then at the end of two years you still may not sign them (if you don't bid enough) or you may not need them? You might not even get your money back.

In my opinion co-ownership is only really useful for small clubs, or clubs who struggle financially, as it gives them the chance to own a share in a player which they hope will increase in value over two years and so make a nice profit.

In your example, you just spent 3.6m for a player NOT to play for your club for at least 2 years, which could be extended to 3 if Palermo choose to delay for a further year. Will you still want the player in 3 years time? How will he develop if not under your control? Setting a future fee is a 2 way street, so you could lose him.

I've never gone in for a co-ownership deal in any of my Juve saves, and I always reject any such offers from other teams. Just make sure you have enough funds at the end of the first season to sign Asamoah and Isla ;).
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Thanks for reply ! :D

I know it's not that good but for some cases it's a good choice .... Like my case with J.Hernandez from Palermo ..(H)

He is a young talented player with a potential of a world class player who will be a 40+ m€ in 2 years time should he plays regularly ...

His value is low as Palermo are down to Serie B ... I can afford his price now , but the problem is when and where will he play ?

I've got Tevez :wub: & Lloriente :wub: & Vucinic :wub: & Matri & Quagliarella for attack ... the max i use are 2 strikes !!

So i got the idea of buying the 50% Share now for 3.6 m€ ... and set a fee say ( 5 m€ ) as a future fee !

If he develops as expected in 2 years time I'll get a world class striker for a cut price ;)

If not I 'll get almost the same i payed before or even more ... as i believe he is at least double that price now if Palermo are still in Serie A !! (6)

But you say that the future fee set is 2 way street :(... so if Palermo pay me the set fee he'll stay with them ... are you sure of that ?? :O

and If I set the Co-ownership Period for 2 years .. that means they can delay the ( Envelopes opening ) at the end of that time for another 12 months ???? oO)

If so , I'll set it to one year , so he'll stay for 2 years maximum ! :p

Waiting for your reply or anyone who has something to add here ^^)
Personally I feel you need to be very careful with these co-ownership deals, especially if you are a large club, as the deals favour smaller clubs (they get money up front, keep the player for 2-3 years, and get even more money at the end).

If the player is currently worth 7.5m, and you have already paid 3.6m for him, if you pay any more than 3.9m after 2/3 years then you have lost money (assuming he is worth more than 7.5m at the time) - and Palermo have made more money.

You say "If he develops as expected in 2 years time I'll get a world class striker for a cut price". Really? You can buy him now for 7.5m and loan him out if you don't play him. How much do you have to bid in 2 years time if you expect him to be worth 40m+? A lot more than 3.9m.

You can try the future fee thing, but don't be surprised if Palermo beat you to it. At least you'd get your money back.

Honestly, as a big club, steer clear of co-ownerships.
I got your point .

But if a player stays with his team he will get more game time and he'll improve much more than a loaned player !

Again i don't get an answer from my question :mad:... The future set fee = the price of the other 50% share of the contract ???

Or it's a fee for both team to use and if they both match it the player stays at the club he is meant to play with ??? :(

I need an expert answer !! :'(