Jan 1, 2013
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Hello Everyone !

I'm playing a Juventus Career now .... have a lot of money , so i wanna make some co-ownership deals to invest in youth and they get regular football

There are many good Players I'm targeting ... the most famous among them is Abel Hernandez from Palermo ... he is valued at 4.1 m and the scout report says he'll be available for 7.5 m ...

So I bid for his 50% share for 2 years Co-ownership deal a 3.6 m and he'll stay with Palermo .... and that offer was accepted ! :D

The question is : Should I add a Future Fee or not ? :S and how much should i add ? and will this fee be set for only my team to pay or for Palermo too ???

Need anybody used to play a ( Serie A ) career and used the Co-ownership option !!! ;)
It has been a while since i played in the Italian leagues so someone correct me if im wrong but from what i recall the future fee is the amount that you pay after a certain period to gain 100% of the player (so effectively you are purchasing the other 50%). It is ether that or it means the amount that you will pay in the future to contribute towards the amount already payed to help entice the other team to sell to you. Sorry cant recall which is the right one but id put my money on the first one if memory serves me well. Hope this helps.