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Coach* Struggling on coaching course


May 24, 2011
Hello everyone,
I'm in the 2nd season of my game, 4 of my coaches are struggling in coaching courses, i thought of given them some time, but apparently after almost a year it keeps aware me about that issue (which become annoying).
I tried to google the problem I'm facing, I found many threads about this issue, but not from here, from the sigames forums.
I found this and I really agree with him, I'm quoting him:

"I have a coach who is struggling on a coaching course. This has happened in previous saves including one coach who struggled for three or four years.
Can I remove him from the course and save money or is there something I can do to help him?The message comes up every other week. If there is nothing that can be done why give this message so often?"

As he said, he have one coach who struggle on the courses, I have 4!!!!
that's makes the game slower, because every time they "struggle" in the course or they need an "extended period time" in order to succeed the course, the game days process stops for showing me those stupid messages.

Is there any way to avoid those messages without sacking those staff members?
I mean it's not only 1 staff member, it's 4!
Here are the screenshots:

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Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting

Any kind of help will be much appreciate,
Thanks in advance.
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