Nov 13, 2010
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I searched the forum and found mostly threads about FM10 so I'm starting a new one.

My main goal is to do everything possible in order to improve quality of regens from my academy (I manage San Marino club). So "regular" stuff is building academy, improve recruitment, enhance youth & training facilities. Ok.

But what about staff? I tend to hire coaches instead of youth coaches (I have like 13 coaches and 3 youth) because I find them more useful, and I try to pick the ones with high recruitment and youth developement attributes.

But maybe having more youth coaches would help having better regens? I'd like to know.

Also, does nationality of staff (coaches and scouts) affect nationality of regens? I used to have mostly sammarinese regens, but now I'm getting more italians (which I don't like). Should I get more sammarinese staff? I have some tough the majority of my staff are in fact italians (also have others from brazil, argentina, holland, england)

Thanks for any help and advice.
Do your regens not have a second nationality?

I have experimented with a club with top youth facilities and network but all home based coaches. I find that roughly 1/3 of my regains have have a second nationality. One of their nationalities is always the country I am based in.

Additionally I am yet to produce a decent player (capable of playing in the Championship) in 5 seasons.

I also dont have that many youth coaches so has anyone tried having a load of these and seeing if it makes a difference? Or do the scouts make a difference?

I have a fealing that it has more to do with the clubs reputation but even then after 3 promotions my regens are no better than they were before!. Also anoyingly foriegn regens appear in a limited number of clubs. For example half the Brazilian league teams are full of youth players, whilst the smaller ones dont have anybody.
I've played 4 seasons so far (now I'm in serie A :p) and only regens with second nationality have been sammarinese with italian passport :S

I think improving recruitment network is important, as well as having staff with high recruitment and youth developement attributes, so I always try to do that.

I signed some good coaches from argentina and brazil, my hope/dream was to produce south american wonderkids with dual sammarinese nationality but so far it's not working...