Nov 7, 2009
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I have gained back to back promotions with Colchester United and in my 3rd season (2012 -2013), I have reached the promise land into the Premiership. My transfer budget is roughly £14 million & I am spending roughly £102k a week on wages, with a wage budget of £250k a week. I have quite a few positions to fill, so I am more than likely going to spend some of that transfer budget on getting some decent loan players in the team whilst I gain stability in the Premiership. Any players you can reccommend in the positions I have stated in the title would be much appreciated. I do not want players that are going to want vast amounts of money paid them each week as I want to keep a strict control on wages as some of my players have clauses in their contracts to match the highest earners at the club. My squad is looking pretty bare with only 14 playes in the squad (3 being GK's) at the moment (in pre season end of June), so I need to get some depth within the squad to survive in the Premiership in my first season. Thank you for reading and I look forward to your suggestions.