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Mar 30, 2010
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Basically, I am going on a long train journey, and will be bored as ****! Does anyone know any funny comedy audio, or videos off youtube that I can rip audio off?


By the way, leaving at 6pm, so need quick responces.
I'm gonna be listening to my ipod, but I want to have some comedy on my ipod. I could DL videos, but it hurts my eyes after a while of staring at a tiny screen.
O right okaay, well ian holloway is always funny in his interviews but i doubt thats what you are looking for
Any of the Karl Pilkington / Gervais stuff thats free on Itunes.

Genius by Dave Gorman isn't bad either
Aussie comedian Kevin ****** Wilson. Lots of audio stuff available and a very funny man.

[ame=""]YouTube - Kevin ****** Wilson "You can't say c__t in Canada"[/ame]
Thanks, I will take a look at them. I currently have some Mock the Week and Comedy Roadshow audio, so these should add to my collection :)
There's a few American radio shows that are hilarious, talks about his adventures with cocaine, proper funny!
"Answer me this" on Itunes if its still going. Not a bad time filler