(Commercial )revenue increase


Nov 24, 2019
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Does anyone know any ways to increase commercial revenue? I play as Everton and make a loss every month, the only way I make a profit is by competition prize money at the end of the season.
I’m in the 3rd season and have won the CL and prem so it’s not as though I’m doing awful.
The board have also set this as a 5 year target in the club vision.
At the end of the season, when you receive all of your prize money, does your YTD revenue exceed your expenses? If so, I wouldn't worry too much about the monthly loss as this is the reality with most big clubs. They run a deficit year-round and make up for it by winning competitions at the end of the year.
No I’m always balanced at end of the season, but throughout the year I get budget reductions and reduction of revenue made available. I’ve seen a couple of ideas, when selling players out as much in instalments and find affiliated clubs in USA and China, and sign three ‘key players’