Dec 12, 2010
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Hi guys!
I need a complete forward, now i have Rooney, but i have 2 strikers - Chicharito and Neymar - who are not cf's.
I'm in 2013 November, currently have 12 million to spend in January, however i can wait for summer to get a CF guy.
Thanks guys!
Hulk or sanogo have been good for my man utd team mate got hulk offerd to me for 4.5 mil glad i got him.
wait till summer move for dzeko or aguero

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also macheda turns into a good complete forward
i sold Macheda to Lyon, should i buy him back?
Hulk is at Chelsea , Dzeko at Spurs.
I'm thinking about buying Babacar or Sanogo.
thanks guys, keep going :)
if i'll have enough money, i'll buy him
thanks :)
keep up guys
Giovanni Moreno is always a good shout for a low budget...should get him for around 5 or 6 mill.
go for Babacar he can play as a complete forward or pretty much any role you give him hes quality. I have used him in most roles available for an attacker and he has not disappointed me. I paid 40 million for him and he smashed Liverpool to pieces scoring a hat trick in the first half and 4 hours altogether. He already has 15 goals for me in 11 games and iv only just signed him.
start of the second season mate

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What season did you get Hulk for that price ?

start of second season mate was pretty lucky
took ages for babacar to really get going in my man u save, barely played. dont forget macheda he is an amazing prospect!
Andre Pierre Gignac - Marseille
Mevlut Erdinc - PSG
Thiago Ribeiro - Cruzeiro
Lucas Gaucho - Sao Paulo (he turns into one)
Falcao - Porto
Guillaume Hoarau - PSG
Edinson Cavani - Napoli
Papiss Dembe Cisse - Freiburg (not the greatest of players, but very good as well as IRL)
Oscar Cardozo - Benfica
Lisandro Lopez - Lyon
Jonathan Cristaldo - Velez
Barrios - Dortmund