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Comprehensive Guide to Tactics in FM2013 ?


Jul 11, 2013
Need some advice on my second ManU game. I'm not very familiar with the game (or soccer in general) and I am trying to follow some of the advices found in "An Angel's Approach to Managing the Devils" thread. I have so many questions so I think I will just put them all in this post instead of spamming the board.

In the beginning of the season I have:
- Loaned Anderson (wanted to sell him and had a good offer but my Director of Footbal gone goofed up and loaned him instead)
- Sold Cleverley (19 mil £), Ashley Young (13.5£) and Evra (8.25£)
- Bought Alaba (18£) and Thiago (25£)
18.25£ Transfer Budget remaining

Probably not the best deal ever but I am bored with the default squad. With Giggs and Scholes time as player coming to an end I guess I should by another MC. Any suggestion for the given budget ?

0. Most important question : Is there a comprehensive guide to FM2013 ? Something like a 200 page pdf that cover every single aspect of the game, most importantly the tactical side (shouts, ppm, role, team instructions). There are so many options in the game but it's often not clear to me what the tradeoffs are, when I should use it etc.

1. How do I buy young players with great potential ? I have made about a dozen enquiries on players with 4.5 - 5 stars potential (according to scout with 20 JudgeP) and each time I was rebuffed with them saying they are not for sale at any price.

2. If I prepare 3 tactics with different team instructions and style, will I evetually become competent in every tactic ? For example if I have an attacking 4-2-3-1, a standard 4-4-2 and a defensive/counter 4-5-1 that I Will utilise according to the team I face.

3. Is it possible to make Rooney even more competent as AMC ? Or is Accomplished as far as he can go ? I am trying to make him the AP AMC cos if I put him up front then my assistant would say that my team get crowded in the midfield and cant get the ball.

4. Many players in the wonderkids list only get 3-4 ratings according to my scouts. Should I trust them ? I only tell scouts with 20 JudgeP to take a look at those wonderkids.


Feb 12, 2013
-1. Depends if you want a replacement for Giggs or Scholes. You already have Thiago so perhaps Giggs? Check out Andre Ayew, he has a £16m buy out clause at the start of the game. He can play on the wing or through the centre.

0. This site covers everything in great detail Guide to Football Manager | FM 2013 Guide

1. Everyone is for sale ;). Just keep making offers until the club come back to you with a counter offer, and negotiate from there.

2. Yes, at least in the 3 you are training.

3. Accomplished is just fine, however you have Thiago who will be a far better AP than Rooney ever will be. Don't worry too much about the midfield being flooded message unless you are constantly getting beaten.

4. 3 or 4 star kids can turn into wonder kids. It's best to look at their attributes rather than just rely on a star rating which can be misleading. If you are fairly new to the game, I'd focus first on your first team squad and tactics rather than worry too much about the youth academy, especially if you are playing man u (you already have a good youth team).

Good luck :)

Oh, one other thing. Change your staff responsibilies so it is you who finalises signings and sales. Otherwise your DoF will keep goofing up.
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Jul 11, 2013
Thanks for the suggestions.

I have a question about transfer budget.
At the end of my first pre-season I still have 28 mil pound left on my transfer budget as ManU since I only spent a net of 4 mil.
Yet it kept decreasing and by the end of the season I only had 7 mil.
I was thinking of pooling all my transfer budget so I can have something like 60 mil pound to splash on. Is this impossible ?

New season budget just came in. I now have 45 mil pound to spend.
So that meant after one year the board only gave me an additional 17 mil.
Does the spend-it-or-lose-it rule apply to everyone or just ManU due to the loan repayment ?

*Repost from small question thread