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Conceding direct free kicks EVERY match?


Apr 2, 2012
I dont actually understand how I can prevent this. I'm doing everything in my power to stop my players tackling so aggressively to reduce the amount of fouls but EVERY single game and believe me when I say "every" game i am conceding a worldie free kick against me. I checked number of fouls and they're not even high. The free kick conversion rate is insane. I have a world class goalkeeper too. Defenders/midfielders have good defensive attributes and no notably bad preferred moves like "dives into tackles" etc.

I also look at the free kick taker stats and barely any are over 12 in that attribute? I dont get how I can stop this. I am literally sacrificing team shape and pressing etc by trying not to concede free kicks but still it happens and every time it goes in. I dont think its anything to do with the ME either as my players barely ever score from a free kick despite way higher ability. Is this just a really long prolonged period of bad luck or is there something I can tweak in my tactic?