Jan 17, 2010
Reaction score
Anyone else conceding a **** of a lot of goals from crosses etc?
Yeah, put your width up to at least 3/4 up the slider, draws your defenders out to stop crosses or something...:)
its 3/4 up :/ just conceeded 7 goals in the last two games from crosses :/
I conceed more goals from crosses than any other... defenders seem incapable of jumping somtimes - to be fair I score a fair few through crosses as well!
Have better fullbacks, I know that's easier said than done but for me it's the main reason why I use to concede from crosses.
Im bolton in the champ, ipswich/birmingham/blackpool each scored 4
This is the worst thing about the game for me, the ridiculous overpowering of crosses. The tendency to shoot from range is annoying as well.
Have better CDs.

Ones that read the game well and really strong and tall and good at jumping.
See if the attackers are more tall then your central defenders. If so try to show their flanks on their inside foot (left flank on right foot and right flank on left foot) on OI. If the attacker is smaller show the flanks on their outside foot and dont close down on their flanks....

Hope it helps for you, because it did wonders for me..