Conceding on the 1st and 90th minute. WTF ?


May 2, 2020
Hello to all. I'm new to FM20. I've been playing it only since the quarantine began and am really into it now. So i've noticed one thing that really frustrates me a lot. The issue is im conceding pretty often on the 1st minute of the game and then all the game i try to level the score. Or when im winning the game 2-0 i can end up losing 2-3 right on the last minute. And this happens very often. I thought the problem is that im not controlling the game process well enough.

But the recent game i had vs Bournemouth that is doing really bad in the league just had my jaw drop from the unfairness that happened. We really had an ok game wining 2-1 up t the 92 minute (5 min were added) when Willson scored leveling it and then Balotelli scores on the 96th minute making me lose 2-3 (the reff added an additional minute for my opponent to score wtf ?). I've tried controlling the whole game process by pressing certain players, or covering them, changing tactics, but at the end i had a gut feeling that sh** was going to happen so i went full defensive mode and told the players to waste time, go low on tempo, short passing, stay im posession. And what did they do ? They attacked, lost the ball, conceded.

So is there any possible way to effect some how this issue or the game is somehow scripted only giving the feeling that you control something when you really don't during the match.


Jan 10, 2012
ive noticed this. and its also driving me insane. but there are bigger issues for me than this. crossing is broken, one on ones are broken and players are just thick