Conceding way too many goals from set pieces


Jun 5, 2010
Ok, thought i'd ask for help as i've tried everything and am getting too ****** off to play.

It seems most people are finding this demo much easier than fm 2011 but it's the opposite for me. I've tried just making a 4-1-2-2-1 tactic and change hardly anything as apparently that's the way to go on the demo, but no luck there. So I made an in-depth tactic, changing every single slider to what would make sense and give me a good balance, yet I still concede more than tactics that have everyone basically on attack.

I'm playing with PSG and have a pretty solid defense (Sirigu, Aurier, Sakho, Lugano, M'Bengue). They've blended, have no language barriers anymore, are familiar with the tactic, and have an average height of atleast 6".

On 2011 I could go a whole season conceding less than 15 goals, but I completed the half season with PSG and conceded 35 in 19, and i'd guess about 20-25 were from corners/crosses.

It's like no matter how I set my defense up, the computer scores from corners as easily as we could on last year's by using the far post trick.

Here's my corner setup & formation. I decided to put my wingers on the posts instead of my fullbacks, as the FB's have better marking stats.

View attachment 197976 View attachment 197977

If any of you have figured out a winning formula for defending corners (or defending in general) on the demo so far then any help would be greatly appreciated. Scoring goals hasn't been too much of a problem (though I haven't been smashing teams), i'm just conceding too many.

Oh and thought i'd mention, I always keep my match prep on defending set pieces at average workload