Sep 6, 2009
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I am just interested in the fitness and conditioning side of things. At what point do you decide to drop a player because his conditioning is low. Basically, at what percentage of conditioning should I drop my player. I normally do it if they have less than 93% but am I right in doing this.
When my players fall below 91%, I drop them. Doesn't matter about what team I am facing... Unless I haven't got any replacements or other formations I could use.
If I have a decent replacement for a player I will generally drop him at 93-96%. However if the replacement is much worse then I may end up going as low as 87%.
I drop any players below 90%, If its a crucial players such as Cristiano Ronaldo for Real, I sub him back after the second half that way you don't risk his fitness going below 75% when it becomes dangerous for injuries.
The huge attribute to factor in there is Stamina, Natural Fitness and Workrate. If I have a Striker on 80% conditioning but he has high Stamina but low Workrate, He won't suffer for the fatiuge too much.

The style of game also plays a part. I never field a tired team agasint Stoke who I expect to try kick me off the ball.