Confused.. Who's Striker should i keep?


Jun 2, 2013
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As the title says, Im having a hard time of who to keep. The picture below are Jimmy McMahon, which is my 1st choice, the 2nd is Carlos Diez, plays back up to jimmy..

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Both perform really great when called up, Carlos Diez contract runs out after next season, If i will not make him my 1st choice, i will sell him this summer. What do you think? carlos diez physical attributes, teamwork, flair, workrate are quite better than jimmy, but jimmy's mentality is a little better.

Who should i keep? Jimmy's is on 100k a week, while diez, when offer new contract will be at 75k (though it will be 100k probably when i make him my 1st choice)...

Jimmy's PPM are already set for the Poacher Role, while Diez has few.

The role they will occupy is poacher, which only action is score the ball, dont do defensive works and not really involve in build ups, as the setting is to stay up to beat the offside.

Thanks for the upcoming opinions.
What I personally would do...

  • Renew Diaz contract on 50-75k per week
  • Sell McMahon for double player value
Simply because you won't be able to sell Diaz for much since he is on his last year, so better to renew his contract and sell later if you need the cash. Also he's more versatile (can play on the right) in case you need more depth in other positions when your squad is over-swamped.

But then again my general principle in my English saves is that if I'm deciding between two identical players, the British-based player will always triumph over the foreign.