Connection between rankig&popularity and quality of youth recruitment network


Jul 15, 2010
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Ok, so there is no doubt that there is a connection between the club stature and the quality of youth recruitment network, and the facilities. However, I am 61st in the European ranking (which for a Balkan team is not so bad), and I am allowed to ask the board for exellent youth and training facilities. However, I can't ask for improved youth recruitment network because it is the best network for a club of my stature. The problem is that it is only above average. So how come I can have exellent facilities but I can't ask for good youth recruitment network?
Is there a strict relationship between the ranking and the youth recruitment (for example: I have to be below 50th lace in europe in order to have a good youth recruitment network), or are there other factors that I am missing?
Club reputation probably has a lot to do with it I'd imagine.
i have the same problem with Dinamo Zagreb
i play already 12 seasons with dinamo and managed to be 16th in the european club ranking but i couldnt ask to improve the youth recruitment