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Jul 13, 2011
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Having played around 10 to 15 competitive games in my first season with FC Porto I have noticed my players making quite a few mistakes. Now these aren't just little mistakes, these are game changing mistakes. My last game for example, I was leading 1-0 against Zenit, then Otamendi makes a hurrendous backpass into no man's land where Hulk picks it up and subsequently scores. After gaining the lead once more, another mistake this time from Defour, where he gets caught in possession results in Witsel making it 2-2 inside the final minutes. I understand that mistakes are going to happen sometimes, but it just seems that there are a few too many at the moment. My keeper, Helton, has 16 kicking yet can't pick out his full backs, and just plays in the opposition strikers for tap ins. Is there anything I can do to drill a bit more discipline into my players? I feel like I am spending time scouting my opposition and carefully thinking out my gameplan, only to be screwed over by the fact that my players are losing their concentration and its becoming very fustrating!