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Feb 11, 2013
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Hello guys, hope you're all well, been having a bit of an issue with my career at the moment so I'm hoping some of you FM pro's out there would be willing to impart some knowledge on an amateur such as myself! :p

I've started my first save with Southampton and overall I'm quite impressed with the squads balance and the quality of players they have. I spent pre-season getting the team used the tactics I've set up (which I'll post below) and we looked pretty good over the 7 or 8 games we played....apart from getting smashed off Bayern Munich :S

I'm 9 games into the league, sitting in 14th place with just 9 points and this is where the problem lies, the amount of leads I've given away to counter attacks and set pieces is ridiculous! Going forward the team plays really well and scoring goals in every game this season thanks too Lambert and friends, it's keeping the lead that is the issue as the boys at the back have a real problem with parking the bus and shutting the opposition out.

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My main tactic is the first of the three which is a good tactic for getting goals and is working really well for me in that department, however it's what to do when I have the lead! I normally switch out for the second tactic which is a counter attacking tactic used effectively against the bigger clubs, however neither of these provides any sort of 'lead-keeping' ability for some reason. The third tactic is a kind of wildcard that has paid off a few times and focuses on dominating the midfield.

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Here's a few examples of some of the results I'm talking about. Arguably the better side in these three games, especially against Sunderland, yet the team is conceding a lot of the time. Is it the tactics? Quality of defensive players? I have no clue..... oO)

Thanks for the help in advance folks!