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Conte Juventus Pirlo Vidal Pogba 352 21.3.0

Its looking very solid at back!As a big fan of Antonio Conte i will test it when i will have more time to play!Its very hard to make a replica of the real life football what he is playing this year with Inter Milano,because he often change pressing intensity and def. line during the game,even passing style and tempo,so its almoust impossible to make a replica,i am trying it during all the year...
This year he is not using F9,he use Lautaro as pressing forward on suport because he often drops deep and pressing opisition def.line and try to destroy opponents build up like a bull,in the time Lukaku is looking to save litlle bit more energie to recive a ball and start running in a free space when counter attack begin,so some kind of Target on Att.duty because he run often with a ball using his insane agility in first 2 meters and he became unstopable for any defender who try to stop him!Antonio Conte made a monster!💪
yeah its true about Lautaro but then i made this tac. to copy Juventus era :D when he was 42 matches unbeaten or who knows mby more i dont remember correctly. Tevez played False nine and vucinic too, mby deployed as deep lying forward but tevez was f9