Jun 22, 2009
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Hi all again :D
My previous idea did not cause much interest. I want to propose a new idea.:)

Continental Football League

Good clubs with the big history tired of playing in their little leagues, and decided to create one united league.
All teams have sugar dads and good finances.

Need min 10-12 players, who want to play. Between matches I will kick all players from server (for acceleration of the game).

no poaching other clubs of our league staff and players (except Bosman rule)
no ********
after every game I will upload save for u
the player must keep track of important messages in Skype group and this topic

All communication will in Skype. You do not need a microphone, we use only text chat.

If u want to join, add me in Skype.
My Skype: bsanchezb1

Game days: by agreement
Time: 6:30pm - 10pm (GMT)


View attachment 351063 AEL (Cyprus) -
View attachment 351064 APOEL (Cyprus) -
View attachment 351068 CFR Cluj (Romania) -
View attachment 351070 FC Kobenhavn (Denmark) - cemmontana
View attachment 351071 Dinamo Buc. (Romania) -
View attachment 351072 Dinamo Zagreb (Croatia) - bsanchezb
View attachment 351073 Helsingborg (Sweden) -
View attachment 351074 Maribor (Slovenia) - Bosse Hansson
View attachment 351075 FC Nordsjelland (Denmark) -
View attachment 351076 Partizan (Serbia) - Taroza
View attachment 351077 Rapid Buc. (Romania) - Ernest Gaza
View attachment 351078 SK Rapid Wien (Austria) - Conu
View attachment 351085 Red Star (Serbia) - Gary Harry
View attachment 351087 Rosenborg (Norway) -
View attachment 351093 Sparta Prague (Czech Republic) - Aleksandar Petkovic
View attachment 351094 Steaua (Romania) - Ababei Alexandru
View attachment 351095 FC Vaslui (Romania) - rmcog1
View attachment 351096 Viktoria Plzen (Czech Republic) - Glavni Arhivator

My Skype: bsanchezb1
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Need more min 5 players! If u want to join, add me in Skype: bsanchezb1
Still free 10 clubs!!! Write me in Skype: bsanchezb1
Start of game after few days
Now free only 5 clubs!!! On monday we will start!
My Skype: bsanchezb1
Write me, if u want to join!
Ill join but i might be back l8 from work
ill be -FC Vaslui

I'd play but dont use skype

However I'm on the case.

add me

sirgaryharry (skype)
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