Continental Qualification


Jun 1, 2006
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I am just wondering whether in the game there was any section that told you what position in your particular league you have to finsh to qualify for your continental competiton. The reason i ask is that i have just left Bayern to take over Rosario Central and they want me to qualify for Continental competition but i don't know where i have to finish. Tet
Dont know if its right or not but go onto the league table and click the drop down menu in the right corner and click rules might tell you in there
Yeh it's all on the rules page, it tells you what positions qualify for what competition.
I did check on the rules page, which does usually tell me where to finish, but because of this leagues strange format it does'nt tell me. There is an openng and closing stage of the league each with 19 games and then the average points decide your position. Is there anywhere else?

PS thanks for your help
You could try looking for the leagues official site I just looked on wikipedia for you but it just says about the average and theres 2 champions each season and all about the football club sorry.
Thanks a lot for your help, especially *J*, i will just try and do this best i can lol. Thanks again Tet