Sep 14, 2010
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For first time I play FM 13 so i chose Atletic Bilbao, 'cuz of their great tradition - to play with only local players.

The difference between this club and any other club is that i can't choose the formation - I can't sign with players to keep one formation, I depend on what youth players i got. On first sight I saw that there was great number of players that can play on more than two positions and there were many AM(RLC) so the tactic was clear View attachment 367828. The starting 11 was harder to choose because every 2nd match someone injures, so there isn't any hard first team player.

Because of the tradition I'm very short of transfer ideas, so I'll save money to keep the academy level.


I cancelled all friendly matches so first match I watched was vs Bnei Yehuda

Athletic club 1:1 Bnei Yehuda (Euro Cup 3rd round)
First match i wanted to see the club without it's big star - Llorente, but with all other starts.The match started very bad, Iraola and Ramalho received injuries, so the RB was taken Aymeric Laporte - young french CB which impressed me a lot. After one cross Aduriz (reserve ST) scored nice header in the 16th min. Half an hour later after one corner Bnei made fast counter attack and scored for 1:1.

Bnei Yehuda 1:3 Athletic club (Euro Cup 3rd round)
One week later angered on my "first XI" and injured RB's I started with team full of youngsters. The star of the match was Aymeric Laporte. In the beginning he won free-kick which was scored by Ibai Gomez. In the 20th min Bnei scored with header. 10 minutes later Laporte crossed and Aduriz scored. In the end of the match one cross turned into goal, Laporte was again there.

Athletic club 4:1 Betis (Liga BBVA)
After the bad results against Bnei I didn't expected much vs Betis, but in the 2nd min Iturraspe scored after nice attack, but he received bad injury. Two minutes later Llorente scored after cross my Susaeta. Luckily the next attack also was with goal after big mistake by Bettis's Gk. First 45 min ended by a goal from San Jose after corner. Second half wasn't so good - after fast counter attack they prove that there is second team on the pitch but that was all.

Slovan Liberec 1:3 Athletic club (Euro Cup Play-off)
With bigger experience at Euro cup, I knew that with younger team will be with one idea easier. After one cross by Aurtenetxe, Susaeta made it 0:1 in the 50th minute. 10 minutes later Toquero toke one ball from the defender and made it 2:0. In the 69 minute one shot deflected by the GK fell on Slovan player and he scored. In the end of the match after great teamplay Galarreta from small angle scored for 1:3.

Osasuna 3:2 Athletic club (Liga BBVA)
The match started very bad. By the 45th minute Bilbao was 2 goals behind. Unfortunately, in the 2nd min Munain received injury. Two goals by Nino were the difference. On the half time Gurpegi was changed for Galarreta and for 20 minutes was 2:2. Ibai Gomez scored first goal after cross by Ramalho and second was scored by Susaeta after cross by Ibai Gomez. In the end of the match Aurtenetxe made penalty and received injury.

Athletic club 3:1 Slovan Liberec (Euro Cup Play-off)
Match without big matter. Aduriz scored his first goal at the match in the 28th min after nice technique and cool finish. In the 50th min Laporte scored after big chaos in opponent box. 10 min later they returned one back, after cross. End of the match was put by Aduriz after assist by Saborit (young WB,D,M,W(L)).

In the last day of transfer window Mikel RicoView attachment 367833 joined Atletico Bilbao.
Iraola - "original" RB of Bilbao returns after injury.

Athletic club 0:1 Valladolid (Liga BBVA)
Big match with many chances, but only Valladolid's GK saved the day. In the 44th min after cross and mistake by Iraola results was 0:1. Debutant Rico didn't performed very well.

Espanyol 0:1 Athletic club (Liga BBVA)
Match with big charge and many cards. Llorente scored the only goal in the match in the 14th min after cross. In the 59th min Espanyol was with one man down, 'cuz of red card. Gurpegi didn't like that and 10 min later he also earned red card. Big saves by Iraizoz from that moment to the end of the match.

Athletic club 4:2 AZ (Euro Cup group match)
After only passing, the real match begun when in the 30th min Toquero scored after assist by Rico. 3 min later Ibai Gomez scored after free kick. In the 37 min Toquero assisted first goal of Rico after pass in the GK box. Toquero ended the match after nice finish in the 60th min. Most exhausted and important players were subbed off and for 20 minutes I received 2 goals from 2 nice teamplay attacks from AZ.

Athletic club 3:3 Malaga (LIGA BBVA)
Crazy match where all goals were scored before 1 hour of play. The festival of goals started in the 4th min when De Marcos assisted Llorente. 10 min later Susaeta also assisted Llorente with great cross. The next goal was in the 17 min after awesome counter attack by Malaga. Just before Halftime Malaga managed to score another 2 goals. First was from Joaquin after one great long shot, and the other was from Isco also after long shot. In the 50th min Llorente hit the crossbar but on the rebound De Marcos scored.

First 10 matches reaction
+ 24 scored goals -(only 1 match without goal) top goalscorer- Llorente 5 goals, most Assists - Susaeta(5)
- many allowed goals - 1 clean sheet - 14 goals
+ big bench - 23 used players for 10 matches
- many injuries on main players - Iturraspe, Munain, Iraola, Amorebieta

+View attachment 367840
- Llorente will be gone in the end of the season
+ performance of Llorente, San Jose, Laporte, Ekiza, Gallareta
- performance of Herrera, Iraizoz, Gurpegi

In the end of the season I want to have stable defence, good ST(not Llorente) and place for the CL.
Sorry for the bad English. Please write if this story looks good.
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Mate what I would do is not higlight the different results in bright colours as it is hard to see. Especially yellow
R. Sociedad 3:1 Athletic club (LIGA BBVA)
Very disappointing match. My defence was ruined by Vela. In the 8th min Ekiza fouled Jose Angel and made penalty which was scored by Xabi Prieto. San Jose equalised when scored after Ibai Gomez cross from corner. In the 52nd min Illarramendi scored nice goal after one deflected cross. 20 min later the story was same. Illarramendi scored again.

Disappointed from the last match i choose to make new, more defensive tactic. After I watched all match statistic I noticed something. When Gurpegi plays Atletic score less, but concede less so he was important for the defencive part. Now with some ideas in the head I got almost hard first XI
. View attachment 368674

Helsingborg 0:1 Athletic club
Easy match with reserve players. Spark in the match was Ibai Gomez with his crosses and runs down the flank. However goal was scored by Ander Herrera after one good shot from 19 meters.

Athletic club 3:0 Atletico Madrid
First match with the new tactic and result was stunning. Many counter attacks begun with long balls to Llorente who passes to Munain/Susaeta and then were awesome crosses. Despite that, first goal was scored my Susaeta after good teamplay in the 26th min. Llorente passed with head to Gallareta who passed to Susaeta. The last scored with nice finish. In the 68th min Susaeta found Llorente with nice cross. Result was doubled. 15 min later there was a deja vu. Scorer was the same result was different - 3:0.

Valencia 0:3 Athletic club
Tactic was the same but Amorebieta was recovered from his injury, so he was on, Ekiza off. The match didn't started good - Gallareta was injured and on his place was De Marcos. First goal was scored in the 29th min, when Susaeta crossed to Llorente. This is awesome partnership. 5 minutes after the halftime De Marcos made awesome pass to Munain which scored with nice finish. 10 minutes later after one rebound Munain scored on open goal.

Athletic club 5:1 Slask
Easiest match from the beginning in which I gave chance to soon recovered Iturraspe. San Jose scored in the 9th min after corner. In the 25th min Herrera passed to Ibai Gomez, who scored goal. Unfortunately he received injury 5 min later. In the 37 min San Jose scored again after corner cross. Iturraspe made awesome pass to Laporte who scored in the 58 min. Minute after this Slask scored their only goal in the match after cross. 5 minutes before the end Saborit made awesome dribble and from the half line to their penalty box and then scored the last goal for the match.

Athletic club 1:1 Getafe
Back to the attacking tactic, this time with no effect. Getafe scored first goal in the 16th min after outnumbering my defence - 5 attackers vs 4 defenders result was shot from 11 meters. Unfortunately for them they received 3 injuries for 60 minutes. In the end of the match Susaeta was on the right place when one Llorente shot was deflected.

Gimnastic 0:3 Athletic club
Ibai Gomez was recovered from injury and was a bit risky to play this match but it gave me big profit. He scored after amazing pass from Toquero in the 15th min. 20 min later Ibai Gomez made cross to Toquero and he scored for 2:0. After one clearance from Gymnastic's GK Ibai Gomez shooted with one touch and the result was amazing goal from around 35 meters.

Granada 2:1 Athletic club
After full control on the match the result was 0:1 after Susaeta pass and Llorente shot in the 21st minute. After one Iturraspe terrible mistake and goal for Granada in the 36th min the whole match has gone crazy, attack after attack by Granada. Half an hour later one ground cross ended as goal.

Slask 2:4
Athletic club
Again easy Europe match. San Jose scored 2 with headers after corners. Slask returned one goal after good shot. Toquero decided to keep the difference and scored after De Marco's pass. Ibai Gomez made awesome run and scored amazing goal.Slask scored once again after mistake by San Jose.

Athletic club 2:2 Sevilla
I can describe this match very quick - Llorente vs Negredo. Sevilla's striker scored in the 4th min after cross. 20 min later Llorente equalised after Muniain cross. In the 35th min Llorente scored again after Susaeta pass. Negredo scored another one after rebound from Navas's shot.

Positives from the last 10 matches:
+whole new tactic
-bad position
+clear starting team
-bad fixtures ahead (RM,AZ,Deportivo,FCB)

I see that this topic isn't interesting so pls tell me what to do to make it more interesting - new story or what ?
I see that this topic isn't interesting so pls tell me what to do to make it more interesting - new story or what ?
its not that it is boring its just that you have the great KLIPPYBO to comepte with who has had a couple of amazing Bilbao saves and is on a new one right now, you have only just started so people are not going to be piling on the comments straight away and as its your first story people want to see if you are commiteded to a save as so many start but never get passed a first month, anyway i think you should keep it up
I see that this topic isn't interesting so pls tell me what to do to make it more interesting - new story or what ?

You are doing good job but im just not interested in watching Bilbao grows