Contract demands are so annoying in FM24!!


Dec 15, 2023
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I’m in the championship, one of my players has asked for 45k a week. My highest earner is on 30k. I’ve turned down the request because it would tank my finances. This has absolutely destroyed the squad moral. Despite us doing well in the league and drawing to Athletico Madrid in the Europa League (somehow won the FA Cup last season). Honestly wish they’d sort about the link between contact demands and the moral the whole squad
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Yeah I'm with you here. My saves been ruined by this ****.
Been on an enjoyable and tough lower league save and finally get promoted to Championship - Average wage in players is approx 3k per week with highest being 5k. Now I would expect some form of deman but every single player??? From prospect to not even playing players demanding they deserve a new contract and all min 15k-20k per week demands?!

They cant be serious!

Another example - I make a bid for a player thats in LEAGUE TWO who is on 2k per week. Gets accepted - The play demands a MIN 32K per week???