Demba Ba19

Aug 9, 2012
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Hi guys, hope you can help and this is an easy answer like 'delete this file etc.'

When negotiating a contract (any contract at all) I get weird amounts popping up. I cannot negotiate at all. I can sign players, but only with what they ask for straight away.

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This is happening with all games, even if I start a new one. This is just recently started happening. Hope you can help. It is ruining my wage budget and financial control!
I remember seeing an issue like this. It's got to do with a bug where you're currency setting have changed but the symbol hasn't.
ie, currency value might be in Japanese yen but with a pound sterling symbol.

try changing the currency to somethign else, then back to what you want it to be.
Have you tried verifying the cache in Steam?

Go to FM 2012 - right click -properties - local files - verify integrity of game cache...
No, but now I have and it has fixed it!! Perfect! Thanks. Wonder why it has suddenly done that after over 1000 hours of playing?