Contract status in Clubs/ Leagues and promotions


Sep 8, 2009
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Hey I am trying to due some add on of low lvl leagues my only problem (main problem)
(playing around with a danish non league add on and a Faroe isle nation add on )
I have run into is the following whenever a team promote from the lower divisions (the none playable ones )
the automatic goes up a lvl in club status in regards to contracts from amateur to semi-pro, I am however trying to make a league witch is not allowed to offer pro (semi-pro) contracts, have tried to edit contract status for team status to amateur
Under the league so every team status for backup player to key player are set at amateur,
witch don´t work the newly promoted still get semi-pro status, and can not offer amateur contracts at all,
have also tried to set max wage budget in league to zero witch results on having a semi-pro status team witch can´t offer amateur contracts and can´t offer semi pro contracts with 0 salary, in other words can´t sign contracts at all.
Is there anyone that knows of away to beat the automatic increase in contract status a club gets when promoted by the game could use some help on this running out of idea´s (maybe it is just not durable)
But if anyone knows a trick or got an idea please share
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