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Jul 11, 2010
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Greetings, im in the beginning of december 2017 with my Celtic. Won the league 6 times in a row and got this team of regens with a mid. age of 20.
3 of those whose contract expires in June 2018 and to avoid letting them go for free (or having to sell them) i want to renew their contracts, but since 2 of them are from Brazil (both got work permit on the first attempt) and 1 from Serbia (work permit after an appeal) it says: ... has been denied a work permit to renew his contract. WTF?!
They already got a work permit, don't they?
How do i renew these contracts? Should i sell them off and try to bring in worse regens instead? Anyone who encountered this and solved it smoothly?

EDIT: Both of the Brazilian players managed to sign two 4 years contracts but the Serbian can't so i decided to sell him.
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