Jan 21, 2006
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Im stoke at the moment, they offered me a new contract and like the person that I am I made some demands e.g improve training facilites, I kept rejecting the contract offer and now they aren't offering me 1.

My contract expires on the 21st of May which subsequently is the play off finals, should I reach them, are they likely to offer me a new contract of some sort of will they sack me before the game goes ahead, any ideas any1?
oooh unlucky:) maybe they will maybe they wont.........
Shouldnt have been so silly :D

If they said no once I seriously doub tthey wil chnage their mind especially if they cant afford to improve training
im sure if you go on confidence then requests where u ask for more transfer money etc it will say request new contract

if not , and they want you they will offer you a new one!
Yeh I'm sure that if you keep doing well then they will offer you a new one when the time comes :thup:
I really don't care about the contracts. I always ask the minimum money and no special demands.

If you need to make special demands try to do so on half season and such so they have 6 months to sleep over it.
This is about contracts but not like that, has this happened to any you go to sign a player or offer your player a new deal and then the game goes off. It says area out of access or something and then you click on fm2006 on your task bar and it comes back on but on the contract screen you can see indispensable, important first team etc.
Yes I signed Mark Gonzalez like that before and before he would appear on my squad screen I had to search for him (using the quicksearch) and change his squad status.