Convince player to accept future staff role?


Aug 11, 2009
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As you all guys know, the more seasons you play, the more attached you become to your players. Especially if you shape your team around the same core over many seasons. Inevitably the time your veterans are about to retire arrives and you'd like to keep them around as staff members.

It is something I am at loss with. If the player information tab shows anything different than "definitely not going to remain in football once he has finished his playing career" I am able to turn it around and convince him to take a role of my choice.

My question is how do I change a player's opinion when he is "definite" about not picking a staff role? Does it have anything to do with determination (as I keep a very determined squad)? Thing is I have 7 or 8 veterans with that opinion and I have consistently tried to convince them to stay over the past seven (!!!) seasons. Not a single one of them changed his mind. Already lost one of them and I'm afraid the others won't stay much longer as they are nearing their 40's.

So either it is impossible or I am doing something wrong. I have made hundreds of attempts altogether, different tones, different suggested roles, different time spans between attempts. Is it a lost cause or could you offer me a valuable piece of advice to apply?
No opinions at all? Come on, folks, could really do with a little help here! The season end is looming :S
On top of it I was just taken over by a Chilean tycoon who felt the urge to pump in 300m of the club's reserve and instantly put my finances 1.2b in the red. Can't even send my staff on coaching courses now. Awesome.
Nothing you can do sorry at least not that I have found its gutting I know:(
Thanks for replying. Will be sad to lose players like Ba, Cisse, Bale, Ben Arfa, Götze after so many seasons of loyal service. I already have better trained regens out on seasonal loans to play the old bunch regularly with hope to prolong their careers. You know how it is when you have a player close to a spectacular milestone and he could potentially retire before reaching it.
Nothing you can do I don't think. What year are you on? Your save sounds quite interesting. I find it annoying as well when your veterans expect so much money and the only reason you're keeping them is so you can hire them as staff.
I am just beginning my 13th season. Robin van Persie, Leighton Baines and Demba Ba just retired, managed to hold onto RvP and Baines but Ba is gone.

I solved the financial problem by loaning out nearly all the extremely talented youngsters I've been signing ever since season 2. It generates incredible funds and I nearly stopped spending on transfers ever since so I can pretty much afford any wages at this point. Keeping a very tight 22-man squad and the lads are brilliant.

I've grown a great affinity with many of the regens as well. Especially a Chinese striker called Dexin Dong - he could be better than Messi.