Thomas Hawk

Feb 12, 2013
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Hi everyone here I am French and I use google translation you speak a word not including your beautiful language.
I also apologize for not looking in the other subjects of the fact is that it is difficult to understand and I'm not the right section so years.
So I'll be brief, in the first place there are many options in the editor that I do not understand or is their impact:

Country / Information:

- Power Financial federation
- State of developement
- Note Training Young
- Models feature

Part tactical characteristic

And I would add in some country areas because there is not and I do not understand why when I add more cities and I increase the population of some games do not take into accounts and their population remains fixed before. I hope to include that. (I have a lot of other issues as well so if there was a French speaker among you that I can be an easier )

Some of the things don't translate well. I can understand the top two points though. Power Financial federation effects how much a federation can offer a manager and presumably the fees it gives out for calling up players and the chance of good injury compensation. I always set it really high. State of development is how developed the country is I would guess that it effects attendances, ticket prices and player wages but I'm not quite sure. If note training young is above the personality attribute templates and out of 200 then it's how good the regens will be and the models feature if it has a lot of tick boxes and personality attributes (the thing I'm talking about above) then it is a rough template for the personalities of that nations regens.

I also saw the same post in the bugs forum at SI, post in the Editors Hideaway for this kind of thing in future, they can help you and probably have a better understanding of these things than me. Though I do offer help there a lot.
So the financial power of a federation has no impact if I understand correctly. Except staff salaries which can offer. Call for players, even with attribute 0 I do not think this poses a problem and when you talk of injury is high if the attribute is the players aurant less likely to have a serious injury? If the level of a country dévellopement is high then there will be more support, subscriptions will be more expensive and require a higher salary players? So I supose that the "Importance of Games" will be the impact on the number of subscription and support is the envy of the players to play in the country? According to the note training regens that means more bass model is less regens the country will have a good level? And if the model feature is left blank personality of regents will random? I note is that training jeunesqui defined in full the qualities of the players dimmed. But if the note is training young low it means that it y 'will mediocre players agree but it prevents the generation of these pearl or just the percentage of good players who generated is reduced? And a low score in training young and clubs with the highest level of infrastructure in the same country that does not conflict? And what level will the players generated by the games?
Pretty much but the federation doesn't have an effect on injuries, just the compensation. I also just realised development may also effect the attraction of a player to play in that nation. The youth rating, note training young to you effects the overall quality from the nation, but it doesn't stop poor academies producing poor players. In Brazil they still get poor regens but the top end is higher and so is the average quality.
And you know why when I add city and I configure the population of a city the games do not take into account this may be a detail but I prefer that everything be in order and I can not not add regions is this normal?

Thank you for your help again