Couple of questions from a casual FM gamer


Jan 26, 2011
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I posted this in another section of the forum, but no reply. I'd really really like answers to my questions if anyone has the know-how...

If you adjust the in-match strategies via 'quick tactics' or 'touchline instructions', does it automatically override all of your custom settings for your starting tactics? (ie: the parts you have ticked and adjusted manually).
Also, if you change a player's role in this way, does it have the same affect? (does it set him to the defaults for that role)

Is this the best recommended way in which to change your strategy if a match isn't going your way?

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Does the number of players on a schedule have any bearing on how effective the training is?
For example - if you have a schedule set up for DM's but only one DM, is he effectively training alone? Will this be detrimental to his training?
No adjusting overall tactics does not override the manual ones you have changed with the sliders and the tick boxes for an individual player.

Adjusting a players role AFAIK will reset him to default for that role, but some trial and error will soon give you a definitive answer.

Whilst never having read anything that suggests making a player train on his own can be detrimental to his progress, i have never risked it, even going to the point of siging a cheap useless player to accompany my player on a specific training plan.
So if I decide to, for example 'shoot on sight' but I have my players on rare long shooting, it will technically have no effect?