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????CrackPistons 4-1-1-4 Version One ???? 1

I think this is a very promising formation. I will try how the effectiveness of this tactic is.


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Final league table 102 pts champions..Fa cup final but Lost to everton and lost cl final ..
Hi,plz post your resalts,statistic,first 11 and transfers.thx
Hey there lil lad sorry this was just a test save I ran for one season then deleted.
A lot of results was already posted in the beggining part of the season.
Transfers in ( cant remember all) but Kessie , Jose Palomino from atalanta (my favorite left footed centerback in game) , kulukuveski and nelson semedo on loan and later on donnaruma (think january transfer window) also skriniar and rafinha on loan . out all the typical **** like linegaard , de gea (horrible distribution) , lindeloff , marco rojo etc also daniel james in january (has pace but useless technicals).

I was also looking to polish this tactic and release a improved version in the coming days (or maybe when full game come out) also im working on a new tactic KraqRoks 4-2-3-1
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