Crash Dump Custom Database connection


Nov 20, 2008
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Firstly, I have read most of the other threads about solving crash dumps, and possible the causes of them, and none of the advice/ solutions seem to fit the bill. I am running the game on Steam.

The crash dump I've experienced occurs on the 17th May at the end of the first season of a custom database. I have a lot of experience making custom databases from fm09 and 10, and the league system I devised for fm11 is exactly the same as the functional one I used in fm10.
Furthermore, the operating system is not at fault, as I moved my save game onto a different and superior computer, yet the dump still occurred.
The only obvious glitch is that near the end of the season, the team that was top of one of the leagues (26 team league) suddenly had their points tally converted to a negative. 125 points became -125 points, and they were then bottom. It is possible that this is a totally separate glitch from the crash dump problem.

All I can conclude is that there must be some change I've made to the database that causes the crash dump, but there's no way of knowing what.
Any ideas much appreciated.