Crash dumps, failed to set up graphics and XML errors

Ok, I'm lost with this. I've played FM for a fair few years now, with the exception of 2010/2011, and NEVER have I had so many problems before I've even got into the game. All the problems I have are from trying to enter the first match. The very first match against the reserve team :s The game just freezes and completely locks out my comp...I've had the XML parsing error, steam too busy error and now a crash dump. I've NEVER had a crash dump in all the time I've used a comp lol

My computer is 2 weeks old and is an Acer Aspire 5750G - intel core i5 processor, 8Gb memory, 750Gb HD, NVIDIA GeForce

I'm pretty sure this should be powerful enough to run the game without problems?

I've followed the advice on this page and it seems I just continue to get another problem crop up. I've had to force shutdown my comp 4 times now!!!
Now I've got a different XML parsing error saying saying about 'camera'. What is causing all these problems? Can someone please explain to me? I followed the instructions on the XML when I got the error the first time...Then I go all the other problems, and now I have an XML error again.
could anyone please take 5mins just to check out my problems ive had with football manager
i would rather not write it all again so please have a look on this site and see if you can help, thanks.

Sports Interactive Community
I've just taken the Swedish U21 team job after a successful spell with Berwick and an unsuccessful one with Bury.
Now every time I try to compile match reports I get a crash dump.
This is the first time I've ever had a crash dump and it only seems to occur when I compile match reports.
I've followed the instructions in the first post but that hasn't solved it.
What is the solution other than the obvious "Don't compile match reports"?View attachment 233110
Crashes Before or During a Match

I've started to get a lot of crash dumps now on my Burnley save. It only seems to crash right before a match (when I hit start game after the pep talks) or during the match. These crash dumps have arised now in the 2013 year of the save game. I've never used the editor or FMRTE. Now it seems that it is possible to get past the crash dumps (albeit very frustrating). After 5 or so close the game and reopen it's, I've played past a game versus Portsmouth. But then, in my next game, the game crashed again so the problem cannot be a one time one match thing.
I have already deleted and re and re-re-deleted the cache. I have deleted the crash dumps folder in my documents. Again, I haven't used the Official Editor or the FMRTE. All I have for graphics are the "FM Metallic Logos", the "Cutout Megapack" (of faces), the "Infusse Skin", and a custom scoreboard from the SI Games forums.

EDIT: By the way, the only custom database I'm using is LFC's Update as I started this game before the new patch.
EDIT: Read some posts and tried some solutions. I turned the match view to 2D. It started the game but as soon as my opponent (Wolves) scored a goal, the game froze and crashed.
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Coming to the point where I can't go 5 minutes into a match before crashing. I've changed to 2D, but the game crashes after someone scores a goal. 3D isn't working at all anymore. Watching with Just Commentary fails too. I've never had this problem before. Will try other saves I have... I'll update this post then.
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UPDATE: Played a game on my Anzhi save and everything was fine (except for the fact that I lost 5-1). I watched the match in 3D mode and the whole match ran smoothly. I'm guessing now that it is just my Burnley save which is corrupted. Anyone have any reasons maybe?

EDIT: My Burnley ave seems dead, it always seems to stall and crash at the "Setting Up Match" message. If someone scores a goal, that message shows up too, then the game dies. So bleeping mad right now...
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Okay! Thanks for the "help"! Guess I'll be starting a new save then. :'(
hey guys i have a big problem, i'm playing with Bari and i just finished mu 5th season, and i save the game, after return on computer and try to load game everytime it has crash dump, i tried to delete it from crash dump folder but when i load my game again it generates again and i have crash dump and i cant get rid of it..i'am using non steam fm2012 and patch 12.0.4 please somebody help!
not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of floating_basic_match_stats_state_changed

**** 12.2.1 update edit. Patches DO NOT cause crash dumps. The reasons laid out below are the causes for crash dumps. So because 12.0.0 was working fine on a system that contains errors/corruptions/registry conflicts/overlaps/viruses/whatever doesn't mean that those said errors/corruptions/registry conflicts/overlaps/viruses/whatever are going to leave the 12.2.1 version alone. Bottom line is, the causes of crash dumps aren't a poorly made game or patch. It's almost always a users actions/their computer system/a combination of the 2. ****

Right, first up, Steam IS NOT responsible for crash dumps, i don't care what sort of crack pot theories you have heard or invented. The fact is, FM has been crash dumping for years, on both steam and non steam versions. If you are having a steam specific problem, please use this thread.

There is no exact solution as every crash dump is caused by a different problem, often the problem is nothing to do with FM.

All i can say is, i use graphics that can be trusted, ie the logo and face megapacks, almost always i use a default skin, i NEVER use FMRTE and rarely use the editor.

I keep my frankly poor laptop up to date, and i regularly defragment.

Shock horror i haven't had a crash dump since the memory leak issues of FM10 before patch 10.1

Most people who have a crash dump should probably look at themselves/their actions/their systems condition before blaming the game.


I strongly suggest trying the steps outlined in SI's official FAQ thread. It takes 2 minutes to sign up to SI's forum using a sega pass.

Football Manager 2012 *OFFICIAL* FAQ


When met by a crash dump error, the first place i would look is any custom graphics you are using. If any of the graphics are .PNG files, they need to be amended to .png

Database size can cause crash dumps. If you try to load more nations/leagues/players than you system can handle, the game may crash under the strain. This may take many seasons as the game DB slowly increases in size over the course of many seasons thanks to regen players being created and added. Try playing with a smaller db, or with less nations or leagues loaded.

Use of the official editor can lead to crashing if you don't know what you are doing. FMRTE results in numerous errors and crashes in my experience, stay away from it is my advice.

For XML Issues and crash dumps, please delete your settings folder as described below:

First of all you need to turn on hidden files and folders.

My Computer
'Folder Options'.
The go to the 'View' tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'

Windows Vista and Windows 7:
My Computer
'Folder and Search Options'.
The go to the 'View' tab and select 'Show hidden files and folders'

Once this is done, follow the instructions below:

Windows XP:
1. Open “My Computer”
2. Navigate to : “Documents and Settings\<Username>\Application Data\
3. Go into the “Sports Interactive” Folder.
4. Delete the “Football Manager 2012” Folder.

Windows Vista and Windows 7:
1. Click “Start”
2. Click your username on the start Menu
3. Click on “AppData” and then “Roaming”
4. Go into the “Sports Interactive” Folder
5. Delete the “Football Manager 2012” Folder.

If you get an xml parsing error message

Try this:

Delete the following folder:

XP: C:\Documents and Settings\[your username]\Application Data\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\settings

Vista\Windows7: C:\Users\[your username]\AppData\Roaming\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2012\settings

Once deleted restart your computer and try launching the game again.

Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system

ERROR: Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system, to fix this issue, please do the following:

Please download the following update from the Microsoft Direct X SDK:
Download Details - Microsoft Download Center - DirectX SDK - (June 2010)

Use the following settings in Direct-x Control Panel.

Run the following tool:

Start->Direct-X SDK->Direct-X Utilities->Direct-X Caps Viewer

Ensure the Direct-X properties appear as the dialog below. Especially important to ensure the Enumerate Reference Rasterizer is checked.


When downloading this file please use the Firefox browser as some people have encounter difficulties when using Internet Explorer.

You should also check that you are running the latest graphics driver, you can do this by visiting the computer manufacturer website, or by visiting the graphics card manufacturing website.

Also if you are running Steam, make sure this is not running when attempting to install

Also make sure your Graphics Card drivers are updated to their latest versions:

What drivers you need and where to download them from depends on your graphics drivers.

Some Computer manufacturers insist you download drivers from their own sites. Please refer to the website of your computer manufacturer before reporting issues with graphics drivers.

To verify your PCs graphics card chipset:

For XP

From the Windows desktop:
- Click Start
- Click Run
- Type DXDIAG in the Open field (thats dxdiag in capitals, i cant get rid of the smiley)
- Click OK

For Vista/Win 7
- Click Start
- In the search programs and files box, type DXDIAG (dxdiag in capitals)
- Press Enter

This will launch the DirectX Diagnostic Tool. Click on the Display and Sound tabs. The upper left box headed ‘Devices’ shows the make and model of card; the right box headed ‘Drivers’ shows the driver version number.

Here are the websites of the largest graphics cards and chipset manufacturers:

Nvidia (Gforce/Legacy)
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

ATI (Radeon)
AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

Intel (Onboard Chipsets)

There are other manufacturers of graphics card drivers. If you can not find drivers for these cards they may have been discontinued. Please ask in this case as we may still be able to help.

Driver download locations

• ATI Drivers
AMD Graphics Drivers & Software

• Intel Drivers

Desktop Chipsets — Chipset information and downloads (Intel® 945 Express Chipset Family)

• nVidia Drivers
Drivers - Download NVIDIA Drivers

• SiS Drivers

If your driver does not appear on this list please contact us here - Contact Us - Sports Interactive Community

The above suggested hasn't worked, is there anything else I can try?

If this fails to work some people have reported using SwiftShader has helped them in this situation.

The demo version of SwiftShader (which is the full version but for home use only) can be downloaded from here - SwiftShader Registration | TransGaming Inc - Broadening the Playing Field

SwiftShader is a high performance software 3D renderer that can be used in place of standard Direct3D implementations.

To test it with your application download the demo, unzip the file and move the provided D3D8 or D3D9 DLL file into the same folder as the fm.exe

If you try one and it does not work (you get a windows error message for example), try the other.

Then just run the game as normal - although bear in mind the swiftshader logo will appear in the bottom left hand corner of the game.

If nothing above works, you may want to try a full manual uninstall. Please see below.

Completing a Full Uninstall:

This uninstall guide assumes earlier editions of Football Manager were and are still installed such as Football Manager 2010 or 2011.

If this is not the case please delete the Sports Interactive folder instead of the Football Manager 2012 folder as outlined in each individual step:

* Before proceeding please make sure to write down the username and password of your Steam account as you will need them to reinstall afterwards.

Start by uninstalling Football Manager 2012 through Steam:

Right-click on Football Manager 2012 and select “Delete Local Content…”

Next, delete Sports Interactive from my Documents:

Start Menu > Documents > Sports Interactive > Football Manager 2012

Delete Football Manager 2012 (This will delete save data, please store elsewhere such as the desktop if required).

Next confirm the removal the Football Manager 2012 Settings.

Confirm that hidden folders are enabled:

Step 1

- Click on the Start button,
- Click on the Control Panel,
- From the Control Panel Select Classic View,
- Once selected locate and double click on Folder Options.
- Click on the View tab.

Step 2

- Under the Hidden files and folders section select the radio button labelled Show hidden files and folders.
- Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labelled Hide extensions for known file types.
- Remove the checkmark from the checkbox labelled Hide protected operating system files.
- Press the Apply button and then the OK button and shutdown My Computer.
- Now Windows Vista is configured to show all hidden files.

Step 3:
Remove the cache files for Football Manager 2012 as detailed below:

Go here:


C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Sports Interactive\


C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Sports Interactive\

Delete the Sports Interactive folder.

Then you will have to manually remove Steam:

1. Exit Steam.

2. Navigate to your Steam directory. (Typically C:\Program Files\Steam or C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam)

3. Delete all of the contents of your Steam directory.

When complete, make sure the Steam and FM12 registry entries have been removed. While doing the following, please be aware that the Windows registry is a very sensitive part of Windows. Mistakes can render your system unstable so be VERY careful when making any changes.

* For FM 2012:

- Click Start then Run.
- At the prompt type: REGEDIT. The registry editor will open.
- Click the "+" next to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
- Click the "+" next to SOFTWARE.
*If you have a 64-bits Operating System go to: SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node
- Click the "+" next to Sports Interactive Ltd.
- Right-Click the Football Manager 2012 folder.
- Select Delete.

- Click the "+" next to Microsoft
- Click the "+" next to Windows
- Click the "+" next to CurrentVersion
- Click the "+" next to Uninstall
- Right click & delete the key labelled:
- Football Manager fields

* For Steam:

In the left-hand column of your registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Valve\Steam.

Right-click on Valve select Delete.

- For 32-bit operating systems:

In the left-hand column of your registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Valve\.

Right-click on Valve and select Delete.

- For 64-bit operating systems:

In the left-hand column of your registry editor, navigate to: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\.

Right-click on Valve and select Delete.

When completed please close the Registry Editor, restart your computer and try the installation again.


Please post if you have a problem that wasn't fixed by the steps above. As i mentioned, the cause of a crash dump is often user specific and is therefore very difficult to fix, but we will try our best.

I am having problems playing the actual games, when I press play game it comes up with this error message then has a fit:

not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of floating_basic_match_stats_state_changed.xml

I have tried playing about with the settings but nothing is happening and I have uninstalled and then reinstalled but it keeps coming up?

any ideas??

having same problem as golasooo

in 2nd season and start my first friendly and boom crash dump either as soon as I click start game or sometime within 10 minutes...

perhaps has something to do with new patch? Burns my britches as I've spent the entire FM12 release trying to get RC Strasbourg on the right track...and now it crash dumps. Also ****** me off because I'm lucky if I get to play 1 game per real day.
Do you think upgrading my ram/OS would help anyway (doubt it)? Was going down that path in the next couple months anyway.

Would hate to trash the only good save I've had for FM12...think the problem is, is that I loaded too many leagues (almost all of europe and south america except for lower leagues).

I am looking for a bit of help and hope someone will reply.

I just got the game 3 days ago and i keep getting the following message when the game crashes.

program files/steam/steamapps/common/football manager 2012/fm.exe

I have looked online and so far tried verifying the games cache and also updating my directx. These were both suggested through the pages i found online. I also noticed a suggestion to delete my FM.exe but i dont know what that is.

I look in the football manager file but cant see the fm.exe. This is actually getting right on my nerves now as i cant play the the game without it crashing all the time. Oh i nearly forgot i have also switched off the 3d engine to help but i stil get the **** message.

Hopefully someone can help.
I`m playing FM2012 witho no problem since her release,Suddenly got this crash dump i try those thing in forums bu dont work,I have only ONE save which i can play,and if I made new one or overwrite currently it is ccrashing when i load any of them....
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Anyone able to help with this error message??
Tried a reinstall but still appears...I can open the game and get as far as actually playing a game of football, but when I submit my team and press 'Play Game' the message appears.

not well-formed (invalid token) at line 1 of floating_basic_match_stats_state_changed.xml
Hi guys had a quick read through the thread and can't really find a solution for my problem and it's really starting to irritate me. Basically when i press play to start a match the games just crashes and I'm presented with this lovely message

no element found at line 1 of floating info state_changed.xml

Some people said you delete some folder on windows, but i'm on a Mac and i can't find an answer to my problem.

Please help.
Guys, its important to try to open de Dump files and see what they are about?
I have the floating error as well.
Have looked for the settings folder to delete and there isn't one !
Maybe that's the problem.
I haven't updated the game or modified it in any way,this is so frustrating.
I've played these games for many years with no problems.
So annoyed with Sega for their complete lack of response, I have contacted them 3 times now via the Sega Help portal to receive only an automated message. Appalling
I`m playing FM2012 witho no problem since her release,Suddenly got this crash dump i try those thing in forums bu dont work,I have only ONE save which i can play,and if I made new one or overwrite currently it is ccrashing when i load any of them....

same here... anybody?
hey friends, I emerged from nowhere eror of to settle error because I do not want to lose save
, any help is welcome.
Here's a picture.
sorry for my bad english,i'm verry nervous.