Crash dumps... PLEASE HELP!


Apr 29, 2010
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So I got FM2011 today, everything was going perfect until after a match the match stats popped up with the possession, shots on target etc... then the dreaded crash dumps error message popped up. I done some research, uninstalled FM11 and all of it's files with revouninstaller, I do some validate thing on steam which apprently works, delete the crash dumps folder... Re-install FM11 and the same thing happens again :-(

I play with Steam on the 1.02 update, any help would be very very very appreciated, i'm close to bringing the game back to thse shop if I can't fix this annoying problem.

Thank you :wub:
Have you updated Windows, drivers, directx ect.?

Also you cannot take it back once it has been registered on Steam. It is now forever tied to your account.

Why have you made 3 threads on the same thing? :S
Hi, firefox was being a pain in the backside and saying the page wasn't loading so I went back and pasted the text, my bad, and yep all my drivers are up to date, still doesn't work :(