Crashing when I click on Training...


Dec 21, 2010
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Morning Gents,

Just a quick one and I would be delighted if anyone could help...

Im massively into my FM 2011 at the moment and my arsenal team is in 2014 and taking the world by storm...

However, just recently the 'training' part of the game has completely stopped working. When i click on a player and click on his training tab at the top of the page (by reports) the game gives me an error message and the games crashes and stops working.

When clicking on training on the main menue bar, all my schedules have disappeared and I no longer can see any of my coaches tasks or anything...

The rest of the game is working great but this has just taken an edge off the game play and id love to get it recitfied.

Any help would be great!

Have a good christmas ,

Hey man. I have the exact same problem and I am desperate to solve it because Training is essential as you know. So if anyone have a clue let us know cause it's really important. Thanks in advance guys :)

Happy Holidays
Same problem with me, did either of you manage to sort it?

No mate no solution here. I wrote in another forum too but again nothing there. I kinda let it go.
actually i have the same problem
in my third save game with AC Milan it started or i noticed after signing a young player from Brazil
since then can't access training to any player in my team
i did load the first two save games that i used Man City and i accessed training without crashing
however if u tried accessing training from training category
press F3 or veiw ur squad and u'll find players - tactics - fixtures - etc.... until u find button called training
when u click on it u can edit the new position and individual training focus and prefered moves
but when i clicked on schedules i couldnt find any schedule and when i created a new one and went away then came back to see if its there , it ain't
maybe if u chose to manage schedules and imported one that u downloaded it could work again but i haven't tried that
sorry if that wasn't helpfull or u found troubles understanding my English.
Had training crash on me years ago on some older version of FM, I was naive enough to think it wasn't that big of a deal back then and never paid much attention to it :p
If you can't access training on another save, try clearing all schedules on the proper folder (think training schedules also stay on User>My Documents). Worst case scenario, uninstall the game.
If you can access it on another save, however, you've probably just got a corrupt save. Not sure if there's much you can do there...
Guys guys listen. I've installed the latest patch 11.2.1 that is and it fixed the ****. Now I can do whatever I want in training. So cool. Now I only need the ultimate training schedule to make my guys monsters and conquer the world :) If you have any suggestions over schedules let me know.
I know this is the old subject, but I want to help those who still have this problem.

I don't know answer to this subject tehnically but I know this problem will not appear if you are managing some national team also.
I play with Schalke and had this problem. I couldn't find an answer for this training crash so I just continued to play hoping that the problem will dissapear. After few days I got in managerial role with Ghana. After some time I saw that my problem is fixed. Didn't know what was the reason for that so I quit Ghana job and saw that my problem had appeared again. To see if managing a national team fixes this I applied for Holland job and got it. And problem was fixed..

I don't know how managing a national team fixes it, but i know that it works. :)