Jan 3, 2011
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Hi boys, i'm a new affiliate and i'm italian so you must be reasonables in front of my bad english!!! :D
My question is this:

1) How can i create a new continent with advanced editor???
2) How can i stop the partecipation, to the continental cup, (euro cup, champions league for example) of any national teams of a specific nation???
You can't create a new continent. Let alone a new country. I've tried, and failed.

So I went ahead and picked the Northern Marinas and did all my country editing on them!
You can create a continent with advanced editor...
Why TF did you bump months old thread?
I guess it just needed to be answered properly. I struggled to figure it out last month, so now that I know, I just thought answering it might save someone else's time.
if not you can definately do it in fm2010's editor once you've downloaded something, as i did it in one of my games, so you could always do that and then transfer it across.