Oct 5, 2012
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Hello everyone, as the title, I wanted to create a tactic of my own from scratch!
Mean from an alloy very low, then the tactic would be very simple but at the same time effective enough
I wanted to ask the experts of tactics, from basics such games to create a tactic?
I like the simple game but offensive
I thank those who want to help me
I'm by no means an expert at the game, but I think I can make a decent tactic.

The most important thing is to build a tactic around your best players. Make sure you're not joining a club and put in a 4-2-3-1 formation just because you like it, and make the squad fit around that because it will be far weaker than if you build a tactic around the best players.

When deciding on which strategy and style to use, it helps if you know for certain where you're aiming to finish or where you realistically are in the league. For example, if I'm a weaker team, I like to play a rigid style and if I'm a stronger team I think fluid would be okay because the players would likely be more creative. For strategies, I'd recommend using Counter if you're a weaker team and attacking or control if you're a better team.
Keeping the ball is key for the way I play so I'd recommend Control for any attacking tactic - attacking is good but you'll get fewer clean sheets. Make sure you don't have all your attackers set to Attack and all defenders to defend. It's good to have a deep player with a slightly less defensive mindset like a DM/DLP Support, and at least one attacker with a Support role - if you can win the ball back higher up the pitch then it's good, plus you want to have people outside the opposition area to pick up loose balls when you're attacking. Choose marking instructions carefully, particularly for defenders (I like my full backs to employ man marking and my centre backs to mark zonally, but of course it can work other ways too depending on the setup). And know who your star players are and consider shaping the tactic around the way they like to play so they'll play best. Lastly, if you wish to test your tactics in friendlies bear in mind you can always use FMRTE editor to set your team's familiarity with your tactics to 100% so you can test them properly. :)