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Created German Third Division Team?

Jan 19, 2010
Hi FM-Base,

I am creating a team to be put in German Third Division. I want the team to be realistic so no Messi, Ronaldo or Bale however i have only ever managed in the Bundesliga so i do not know who would be realistic Third Division signings. I want a German core to the team however i would like some Dannish/Dutch/Polish players mixed in as well.

Could you kind people help me find some players?
Maybe your dream German Third Division First XIs?
Realistic Dannish/Dutch/Polish players?

Thanks in advance guys!
Jan 19, 2010
Ive done a little research and found a few names...

GK - Frank Lehmann
DR - Jurgen Duah
DC - Mirko Miletic
DC - Marcel Kroskreutz
DL - Niklas Andersen
MC - Matthias Heckenberger
MC - Sebastian Kreis
AMR - Oulid Mokhtari
AMC - Mahmut Temur
AML - Ferhat Kiskanc
ST - Manasseh Ishiaku

All the above players are available on free transfers when you start the game.

I still need a bit more help,
Has anybody had experience of these players?
Has anybody got any ideas for players at all?


Nov 23, 2012
I think I had Frank Lehmann in the 2nd tier for Paderborn, he was OK.

Lewis Stevenson from Hibs will be good at that level if you can afford him and if he will come.
Im not sure if you can sign Non-EU players but if you can then Kenardo Forbes, Marvin Morgan Jnr, Evan Taylor, Lester Blanco, Osael Romero, Jonny Palacios, Nik Besagno will all be good for that level and maybe the division above.

Anthony Di Lallo
Brandon Bonifacio
Daan De Pever
Marcus Bent
Chris hegarty (Rangers about 8k)