Created player retired from international fotball


Dec 22, 2010
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This is maddening: I've put me and two mates into a game of FM as young players via the editor, and given them decent but not wonderkid attributes, the idea being that we'll be making bets on which of us does better. It's crucially important - there's beer at stake.

So imagine my horror when my alter ego in the game has decided, at 17, to retire from international football. It happens with every new game I start. I've tried everything - I've tried to sort it out in FMRTE, but the 'retired from internationals' box is greyed out and can't be selected or deselected. He's English this player, so before a new game I tried making Fabio Capello a favoured person, and he started that game with a message about "looking forward to international football again having been coaxed out of retirement", but after a few weeks Capello had gone from his favoured people and he'd retired again.

Does anyone know if there's an attribute affecting this? I know Capello's a miserable sod but it seems incredible that this one player has taken such a hatred to him at 17 years old.

Please help, I'm a very thirsty man.