Creating A Legend- The Life of Jason Price


Jul 13, 2012
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Creating A Legend- The Life of Jason Price- A Journeyman Save

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Born in the North of England, growing up as a massive Newcastle fan Jason Price began his playing career as one of the brightest prospects in British football. At the age of 22 he was grievously injured in a game against Wigan where a horror tackle saw his career ended. Over the next three years he decided to gain a coaching license and begin a managerial career.

With this game I'm starting unemployed, unlike other saves I've decided to move around from club to club. I'm doing this to try and replicate a realistic managerial career, as far s it goes, I have yet to find a job. The next update will be when I do so...


- Stay at no club for more than 5 years
- At each club you can only sign 2 players from former teams you've managed
-Only apply for National positions after you win the Champions League twice


Begin with a club outside of England
Win the ECL within the first five years
Win the World Cup with Portugal/Australia
Coaches can only be those who have played International Football before
As of now I've been offered Jobs by Swindon and Flamengo, rejected both, the next update will be when I find a club.
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Does your intro have anything to do with that tackle last week?:p
Haha, kinda

I was looking at a way to end his career lie Dean Ashton and being a toon fan I instantly thought of it. Shades of De Jong on HBA a few years back to... But on with the story

December 21st 2012- An offer finally arrives - The end of the world however did not.

After months of applications to Roma, HSV, Montpellier and others to name but a few. I was ironically offered a job by my second favorite Football club, after some lengthy negotiations where we discussed my 'philosophy' I agreed to take a pay cut to get my own way.

On a 2 year contract worth 10.5k per week I signed with.
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Instantly I made some changes



Daniel Carvalho

Brazilian national available for free at the start of the game, has all the attributes of HBA in Advanced playmaker with less speed, yet almost 1 1/2x the ability to play in a team

Note: Finding screenies online due to laptop issues, Stats are roughly the same though

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A flair player of that caliber is magnificent for a club like this

Other included

Sanchez Mino And Sciglio on loan

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So far Ogbonna is the only one concerned with leaving and Liverpool is toying with a 9 mil bid, my experience with him hasn't ever been good so I'm thinking of cashing in and buying a young centre back like Okore or a lad at Ingolstadt (Forget his name)

Haven't played a fixture yet, Winter break I believe, looking to pick it up soon, 16 points of a European spot so this last 20 games will have to be impressive!​
The March Begins


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I originally misjudged the table and I came in at 17th but there was only twelve points between me and fourth place (That's Genoa)


No buying in, merely signed some pre-contracts


David Ospina- World Class Keeper, one of the best in the game in my opinion
Damiano Ferronetti- Skillful fast centre back with a few good years ahead of him
Karim Ait-Fana- Beastly left winger who I am looking forward to immensely
Matt Phillips- Right Winger who could develop into a Superstar


Rodrigues for 600k and a few on Co-ownership deals to help accomodate the pre-contract players

Ogbonna- 10.5 Mil to Shaktar Donetsk, vaguely surprised they came in, didn't complain though. Helped balance the wages and debts from the bringings in of Torsiglieri and the Pre-Contracts


Torino 0-0 Milan

Good result, we probably should have edged it but I was happy with the result.

Juventus 2-1 Torino

Glik 67'

Conceded early then tied it up, they snuck through ater a mix-up three minutes from full-time, Paragini made his debut here and impressed.

Torino 2-1 Bolonga

Paragini 62' Jonathas 86'

Reversed the previous result with some good teamwork, clinical in front of goal to which definitely helped.

Parma 1-1 Torino

Bianchi 23'

Lucky to get away with this, absolutely pummeled but the defense held strong. The training coming in handy, a problem a lot of people seem to be having ;)

Torino 0-0 Napoli

Good result against the league leaders, looking at the table we'd come within ten points of the Top 4, but were in fifteenth due to goal difference

Then came these badboys after a few little tactical switches

Torino 2-1 Catania

Paragini 23' Torsiglieri 80'

Good result, conceded a late goal which made things anxious but the boys held out and didn't give them a sniff after that. Dominated possession 59%-41% which is also handy

Palermo 0-3 Torino

Bianchi 2' 4' Glik 5'

THree goals in the first five minutes set us up nicely and they had one shot on goal for the whole game, starting to build some momentum moving into ninth place.

Player of the Month

Marco Torsiglieri- Led from the back and was vital in our positive results and stopped the negative one from being anyworse.

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Lacking a Killer Edge

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A time of frustration


We compiled an unbeaten run of seven games, in which we failed to move up the ladder at all. Due to our inability to score goals and kill off games, this is an issue which I will have to resolve this sumer. In other news, Parigini got injured and has dropped a fair bit due to a torn calf muscle, which sets my plans back but he'll be back for the end of the season, which is something at least.


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Atalanta 0-0 Torino

Bore draw, fourteen shots our way to their three, cracked the woodwork twice which didn't necessarily help us.

Sampdoria 4-3 Torino

Absolute epic, we were down three nil, took it to 3-3 before conceding a penalty in the 93' minute, gut wrenching game but a real joy to watch

Inter 0-2 Torino

Pummeled them at their home, only had 41% possession but twice as many shots, attacking doesn't seem to be the issue, it's our finishing.

Lazio 1-1 Torino
Siena 2-2 Torino
Udinese 0-0 Torino
Pescara 1-1 Torino
Cagliari 1-1 Torino
Fiorentina 1-1 Torino

Nothing really stuck out about the remainders, we had 55% possession in most games and just couldn't convert, gotta find a killer edge soon, as Europe this season will be out of our reach.

League Table

If three of those draws had been wins we'd be sitting in eight comfortably right now... Kind of frustrating but it is a five year project for each club, which means I'll still have 4 and a half years left at the end of this season.

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I normally alternate between these two tactics, started the last one due to lack of a killer edge, it hasn't worked so far though.

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Player of the Month


Been immense for me again these two months, rapidly becoming my favorite player.

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The Legend Begins

Pre-Season - November

A hectic time period where we brought in twelve players which will become a part of the first team squad.

Hot Prospects
Youth Intake

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Really like Baricco but Fornasiero has potential, saves me alot in the long run as these guys are quality, once Ambrosini and Ospina tutuor them they'll be amazing

Signed Hot Prospects

Casarini and Scott have massive potential, give them three years and I think they'll be unstoppable together with Fornasieri plying his trade with them. Vukusic is a surprisingly beast poacher despite the stats.

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First Team Players

Bellusci and Choco strengthened the defence, whilst Kieza is an utter beast unless we're pumping balls in the air, D'agostino turned me down so I brought in AMbrosini for tutoring purposes while Phillips and Ait Fana added depths to the wings after I removed Cerci
Ospina justs beasts keeper for me, very happy atm. Battaglia was a hot propect who's actually ready for first team football and can play anywhere
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Complete transfers

Had seven friendlies to get the team gelling together and communication semi-decent before the season started.

Basel 6-2 Torino
Sullo... Never managing again

Aarau 2-3 Torino
Good result with back-ups Vukusic hat-trick

Zurich 1-2 Torino
Full-team, gelled well when we weren't expected to get anything, Paragini double
Sion 1-1 Torino
Back ups again, wasn't expecting them to be any good, they put up a fight though.

Torino 2-0 Stuttgart
Started offering friendlies to difficult teams, they accepted and played we dominated 66%-34
Bakic and Kieza

Torino 0-2 Benfica
Hard done by as they scored off two penalties, good game though.

Serie A

Fiorentina 0-2 Torino
Torino 2-0 Bologna
Genoa 1-3 Torino
Torino 4-1 Lazio
Torino 1-0 Napoli
Inter 2-2 Torino
Torino 4-0 Chievo

A good series of results which has seen us into second one goal behind our compatriots Juventus... Aim for this year is European qualification, already have a third of the points we got last year from 7 Games!
Here's the ladder and Fixture List

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Player of the Months
Marko Bakic
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Good luck mate! Never really liked Torino as my friends in Sicily all support Juve so I've just kinda picked taht up too haha. Good signings though, Ryan Scott looks like a beast already!
Haha, I've always loved torino from the old Fifa games upwards and they were the one team that approached me in the top flight, just like fate!

Ideally i want to win the league/Cup with this sode and Europe in my fifth year before moving on.
Jus a quick update, tomorrow there will be a MASSIVE surprse in the next update, look out ;)
Newcastle have come calling!

If you have an interest in this story vote on who you think i should go wirh

Its my favorite club vs my second favorite club

Im torn :(