Jan 13, 2013
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Senglea Athletic Football Club



Senglea Athletic Football Club is an amateur football club. It is the primary football club in Senglea. This club takes part in the Maltese Third Division organised by the Malta Football Association.

Senglea Athletic Football Club was founded in 1943. It took over from the former Senglea United club, which had been formed in 1921 following the demise of Senglea Shamrocks. After World War II the club began to compete in the second division organised by the Malta Football Association.

Apart from moments of success and happiness, this club also had his disappointing moments. For many times this club had to play in the lowest divisions of Malta.

The most moments of glory and happiness occurred in the mid-70's when the club was promoted to the second division, and later on to the first division. For a number of successive times Senglea Athletic F.C. were declared champions of the second division.

For another time, in 1981, the club was promoted to the Maltese Premier Division.[note 1] During that season, Senglea Athletic made history when they contested in the final of the MFA Trophy, while being in the Maltese First Division. The club was very near to participate in the European Cup Winners' Cup, but unfortunately the final against Floriana F.C. ended in a 2-1 loss for Senglea Athletic F.C. During that time the president for the club was Walter Clinch.

From that time onwards Senglea Athletic F.C. passed through some very bad moments due to financial crisis. But then in the year 2000, they got back to their feet and were promoted from the Maltese Third Division to the Maltese Second Division, together with Msida F.C.. During that time the president for Senglea Athletic F.C. was Reno Chirchop.

The next year, Senglea Athletic F.C., this time again with Msida F.C., were promoted to the Maltese First Division. During that time the president for Senglea Athletic F.C. was Dr. Vincent S. Zammit. The club's aim of competing in the Maltese Premier League took a step backwards, when during the 2008-09 season they were relegated to the Maltese Second Division. During the season 2009-10 Senglea Athletic finished in the 9th place, just a position above the relegation play-offs.



Since I've had another game ended by crash dumps I took a couple of days off to think about what I wanted to do, and I thought about creating a footballing dynasty by building up a small team in a small nation and take them to the top of the world. There will be no rules as too signings, this will not be a youth only challenge.​
2012/13 Pre-Season


We mostly played lesser teams and teams in the Gozo League system, the losses to Birkirkara & Floriana were acceptable even with it being 4-0 both times as we simply aren't anywhere near their level as they spend their seasons challenging for the Premier Division title and European Competition.



We are predicted as favorites out of the 15 teams in the league so I'm expecting at least the top 3 for the first season which is good as the top 3 gain promotion to the BOV Second Division.




I tried to get in some good experienced players and I was able to bring in a couple of Youth Internationals, the transfer window has just shut and thankfully we're still within our budget with there being £4.79K left for transfers and we still have £76 p/w available for wages which can be enough to sign between 1 and 5 players depending on their demands.

Key Players




Simon Gallea is our best chance of scoring goals as on paper our best rated striker only has 1 finishing whereas Simon has 10 finishing and composure even if he is lacking mentally.

Alan Darmanin I reckon will be the provider as he has good technique and pace that is great for the Maltese lower divisions although I may need to change my tactics to add in the AMC role for him.

The season starts in September which is where I am now in-game, we start off in the FA Trophy 1st Round against Qala S. (Qala Saints Football Club) who play in the GFA Division Two so I'll be expecting a narrow win.
September 2012






We only played 2 games this month, we managed to scrape a win in the 1st Round of the FA Trophy like I said we would and the media said that the game against Marsa would be a narrow 1-0 win to us so I decided to tinker with the tactics and come up with this formation:


I'll be testing this over the next couple of months but it seems to have worked for it's first game with goals being shared and the key assist maker being Kurt Grech.

Are Malta European? (excuse my ignorance).
October 2012



A decent month, my tactic seems to be working out well with only one defeat so far, the only downside is that we're conceding every game and although we're creating loads of chances, we don't have the players that can finish it off.




As a reward in the FA Trophy we get to play THE big team in Malta, Valletta, they've won every trophy on numerous occasions, they even have the league named after them 'Bank of Valletta' so we won't get anything out of it unless they play a very much weakened team!

Great idea, I'll be following. Are you thinking about taking over the national side at any point?
November 2012



For the first time this season we now sit in 1st place although Kalkara has a game in hand and Swieqi has 2 games in hand over us, amazingly we still haven't had a clean sheet but at least we're making that up with the fact that we have scored 23 goals so far albeit with our top goalscorer only scoring 4.