Creating a New Team From The Past - Clapham Rovers FC - Lower League to Premiership


Apr 26, 2010
I have been thinking to set myself a new challenge by creating my own club and starting in the lower level leagues, probably L8. The club I decided I will create are called Clapham Rovers who were originally founded back in 1869 but dissolved in 1892, winning the FA Cup in 1879-80. They are a London based club with a fascinating history and are also from my home town. am not total sure what sort of stats I should give them????

I will not input any players into the database so I will only have the players that the computer decides to deal me.

I was thinking of mirroring another clubs stats in thesame league to make it fair, or shall I just leave them ALL at 0 and go from there???

Please give me your thoughts and ideas on this????

Clapham Rovers FC Logo Below Web,r:9,s:0&biw=1366&bih=526
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