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Jan 30, 2011
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Can someone please give me a step-by-step guide to make my own club and how to get it in game.
Daniel said:
Editing and adding Clubs

Creating a club is one of the most complex of things you can do in the editor and there are lots of field that you can edit.

The first editable section is Details and this is the basic information that sums up the main stuff about the club. From Name down to Second Nickname the fields are self-explanatory. The Nation shows what Country the club is from and Year Founded is up to you. For status I recommend sticking with professional unless you're creating a really low club. I also recommend leaving the maximum age unticked unless of course you are creating a club for some type of youth challenge or something. It is up to you what you set the Morale of the club and the reputation is too but you should base it on the quality of the squad and how well known the club is. For the reserve team you can keep this blank and you'll still have reserved and youth teams, this option is if you want a reserve team playing in a proper league like Real Madrid do.

In the stadium section you can pick a stadium that your club plays in and also one for your reserves if you like. You can set your attendances to whatever you like too. Also you can set the standard of your training and youth setup (maximum 20) and choose whether your club has a youth academy or not. In alternative stadiums you can select other stadiums where your club will play in specific competitions for example if you're a club with a smaller stadium you may have to use a bigger one for champions league games, like Unirea do in real life. The stadium move section can be used if you plan on your club moving stadium in the future, you can choose a stadium to move to and the leaving date (of current stadium) and move in date (for new stadium).

In the finances section you can decide how much money the club has in every department as well as control debts and player clauses. The most important figure is the Balance and this it the total amount of money the club has for everything. If you want you can decide your club's transfer budget and remaining wage budget or if you leave them blank they will calculate themselves depending on the club's balance. You can decide whether the club is Public Limited Company or if it is a 'Sugar Daddy' club and what type of Sugar Daddy. You can decide the cost of tickets for your club and the amount of season ticket holders as well as the amount the club pays in stadium rental fees (if any). In Other Income you can decide any money the club is going to be receiving in the future, in debts you can decide any money the club is giving out in the future. With Player Buy Back Clauses you can add any players that the club has sold but can be brought back for a certain price and in Sell On Clauses you can add players that play for your team that if sold a certain percentage of the transfer fee will go to a certain club. Appearance Money Clauses are for when a club have bought a player but are paying the club in certain instalments.

In Competitions you decide all the leagues the club plays in as well as their European coefficients. As well as their current competition you can choose the clubs last position, a possible next league (after the current season) any other leagues they play in as well and whether the league has youth or reserve fixtures. You can also add regional divisions that they play in.

In tactical attributes you can decide how the team are represented in the match engine (each options is out of 20) during the game, these aren't important if you are planning to manage the team.

In Kits and Colours you can choose the design of the team's kits and how they are shown in the match engine. You can customise Home, Away, Third kits for both outfield players and goalkeepers. You can edit the shirt design, icon (that little dot running around in the 2D engine), the shirt text, shorts and socks.

The Staff and Players section is one of the most important for creating a club and you can decide the board, coaches, scouts, physios, players and club captains by clicking the add button and searching for a person, you can also remove people.

In relationships you can choose the clubs rivals, favourite people, disliked people and club legends by clicking add and searching for clubs/people.

In Affiliations you can decide all the clubs affiliates whether it be a parent or feeder club. There are many different types of affiliates and you can choose the type as well as how much the club might pay them in a yearly fee.

In the Records section you can edit every single one of the clubs records and it is a pretty simple process although I recommend to leave this section as it can take a lot of time.

In club history you can choose how the club has done in the previous seasons in their league, this is pretty simple and you just fill out all the fields with the information you want.

Here you go.
save it then when you click new game i=on fm 11 it should say choose editor data tick the box and tick the box that says what u saved then play :D
When you click "New Game" it should say something about created databases... click the one you made your club in and waheey ;)
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