Jun 30, 2010
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I will be creating two tactics to be used on my Liverpool save, home and an away tactic, I was wondering if anyone wanted to help me create these? If you're any good or wanna try creating one...

A solid defence will be needed in both, and I will need a lot of help. Credit will be shared just pm me or reply on this if interested.
my current setup is a 4-3-3 with 2 cm a dmc, 2 wingers and 1 striker (Enter in Torres please :D) im not to sure if i should give up my entire tactic, but im willing to help if you have any questions
well with barca (yeah i know, i built the tactic with barca but ive trialed it with other teams) i managed a season with only 13 conceded (league only i cant remember my conceded with CL and spanish cup) I won La liga and the champions league (yes not hard considering i was barca)

I trialed it with Borussia Dortmund next conceding 23 in the season coming second in the league (i dont have screenies as i recently formatted my computer)

like i said im not gonna give you my tactic but questions regarding liverpool + tactics i can help with seeing as i know the capabilities of some of the players