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Creating the best newgen/regen nation/club


Jul 16, 2012
Hello everyone!

The best thing in FM is moulding a talent into a topplayer. My goal right now is to get that golden generation from one single club ie Scholes/Giggs-gen.

Ive been messing around in the Editor for some while now and i was hoping you lot would help me out listing the things that need to be altered in the Editor.

Lets say i want to get that golden gen from a team like Bayern Munich.

-the first thing that ive done is obvious: putting 20 in all the youthboxes in the Editor under Bayern.
-second thing ive done is going in to Nations in the Editor and looking up the German nation. There i alter the reputation of the nation: higher rep produces better newgens, right?
-then, still in the Germany-section in the Editor, i go to information and then youthranking, putting like the nummer 195 or something.

Is this all correct? Is there anything more because when i start a New game in FM and fadtforward to 2013, looking into FMScout-tool: the number of German talents are not very big, and theres not one real wonderkid which there sometimes are.

Did i miss something? Would appreciate any help!


Sep 17, 2010
Using the editor beats the point of "achieving" a golden generation. All you have to do is invest in your youth academy and training facilities and make sure the youngsters get good tutoring and playtime. Also it is a good idea to poach youngsters from other clubs at an early age. Just keep producing youth and get rid of the ones who aren't good enough. Eventually you will have some 3 to 6 players that are really good (4+ PA).